Natasha O'Brien

Writer and Editor

Like many writers, I loved stories as a child and could always be found tucked away in some corner with my nose in a book.  But unlike many, I didn't really consider a career in writing until I was well into my university studies.  While I was studying for my BA in English Literature I enrolled in a creative writing course and found that I had a knack for telling stories which pulled at my readers' emotions, and when my tutor told me in consultation after my final project that I "broke all the rules, but broke them right", my future was pretty much set. 

After graduating from Kennesaw State University in Georgia, USA I moved back to my family home in Suffolk, England. I hadn't necessarily meant to, but I fell into a legal career, famously saying during my interview that "I'd like to know for sure whether I'm cut out for writing and acedemia or whether I should study the law".  (I knew I wanted a back-up career in case writing didn't pan out). Fast forward a few years, and with the arrival of my first child in 2016 I happily quit my legal job and decided to dedicate my time and energy to writing, editing, and academics. I guess I finally knew for sure.

I have studied with the National Centre for Writing in Norwich and at the Norwich Theatre Royal, delving into both the craft and delivery of storytelling. I am fortunate to live in a part of the world which is absolutely rife with literary talent, and have taken part in a number of writing groups and events.  For my editing career I became a member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders and have devoted all my spare time to professional development. 

As for writing, my first published short story is titled - "Safe" Spaces - and it was published in the online literary journal The Write Launch in July 2019. I am currently working on my first novel series about the life and adventures of the infamous 17th century playwright and spy, Aphra Behn.  The first book in the trilogy is provisionally titled "A Thousand Little Accidents" and it is a re-telling of Behn's Oroonoko, set alongside the narrative of Aphra's life and work in the South American colony of Suriname.

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